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At SCS NYC, we believe construction innovators deserve a forum that is open, genuine, and welcoming.

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Our Organization


The Society for Construction Solutions (SCS) is a global network of industry professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and researchers who support the technological advancement of the construction process.

Early Beginnings & Growth

In 2014 SCS was founded by Curtis Rogers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 2017 the first SCS chapter was founded right here in NYC.

Since then, SCS has grown to more than a dozen chapters throughout the US and around the world in places like Canada, the Middle East, and Australia. Check out a list of our chapters here on the main SCS website.

Meeting Structure

Events are held roughly bi-monthly. Meetings typically begin with a casual happy hour and networking. The event programs include presentations and/or panel discussions featuring prominent industry professionals and technology firms, and there is always time at the end for Q&A and discussion.

Following the meeting, attendees usually head to a nearby bar or restaurant for drinks and/or dinner.

Attendance at all events is free, and there are no membership dues.

Learn More about SCS

To learn more about SCS, check out our SCS NYC Chapter LinkedIn page.

You can also visit the main website for The Society for Construction Solutions to check out other chapters.